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My Why...

I have been able to capture peoples most important life moments for the past 6 years and  I feel so damn lucky. This career has brought me so many friendships and experiences that it has hardly felt like a job.  I truly believe this craft is much more about the photo and all about the experience. Because after all, what you really want to remember besides a good photo is how GREAT you felt in that moment. 

You want the memories of that moment to come flooding back to you every time you look at your photos. This is what I will provide for you; an end product that will live on beyond your generation. My end goal is for us to create something beautiful and timeless together so that years down the line anyone that looks at these photos can also feel how you felt


Who I AM

I am firm believer in building meaningful connections, so I am so glad that you are here to get to know me a little better! I always strive to build a friendship with my clients, and in doing so allowing you to feel as comfortable as possible to serve you the best way I can. 

A little bit about me..... I taught 3rd grade for 5 years, I am the Tia to the most amazing 4 nephews and 2 nieces, and I have the best fur baby; my toy poodle Peaches. My day cannot begin unless I have had my morning coffee(or two), I am not me when i'm hungry, I am addicted to binge watching Netflix shows, and traveling is a huge passion of mine ( travel dates below).

Travel Dates 2024


Location                                                      Date

Colorado                                                                 March

Bahamas                                                                 March

Italy                                                                       May

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